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We don't move mountains

We move people.

Muse International is a strategic, creative consultancy driven by experience, intuition, and a passion for making human and business connections. Dedicated to helping people, organizations, and corporations go further, grow smarter, and do better as it pertains to their place in the world.


When you take time to listen to the concerns of an individual, organization, corporation, board, steering committee, or any other set of executive leaders, you can move mountains. To that end, we’re all ears.

“Jennifer impacted and changed my life. Each opportunity to work with her over the years is more rewarding than the last.”

“Jennifer builds others up, while challenging everyone to be at her devoted level each and every day. She is a comet crossing your night sky. A true luminary. Elle est absolument la muse.”

Meet Jennifer

Founder and Chief Whisperer

Jennifer Marésa Mayon

Global citizen and native Nevadan, Jennifer, is a force of nature. A category of one. A highly intuitive, business-savvy, empathic, civic-minded creative soul with a passion for humankind and a heart guided by kindness. For decades, she has applied her talents to breaking ground, driving commerce, forging new relationships, fortifying existing ones, and building local and international business. The dazzling city of Las Vegas is home— but wherever she goes, she fosters community.


She brings all of those often-indescribable traits, soft and hard skills, tangibles and intangibles together as the leader of a new type of consultancy.


Jennifer claimed the title of Founder and Chief Whisperer, and just like that, Muse International, LLC was born.

Watch: Leadership Las Vegas Hall of Fame Inductee Speech; June 2022

“Jennifer is an active listener. She listens to understand, not to reply. She listens most carefully to those with whom she disagrees.”


“Jennifer understands the complexity of community and business challenges and can navigate interpersonal dynamics that come with highly successful and accomplished leaders and at all levels.”


“She leads by example and will never ask you to do something she won’t do herself.”